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How ShiftInd helped us getting into our new office.

We are a new article based startup located near Convent Lane Kolkata. We are four people in the company working from my one room apartment and suddenly on day all of us agreed to take a small office. We grabbed an awesome place in Salt Lake Sectore III, but the main problem was to get shipped out there.

We had no idea of whome to contact all four of us had never ever shipped any thing but we managed to find a transporter he quoted us one thousand seventeen hundred and fifty bucks. As we had spend most of our money on renting this new office we can't afford that much for just shipment.

Then one morning i was just searching online about transporters and got to know about shiftind i booked an urgent shipment and in no time i got the prize from them, and that was really amazing they had asked us for only Nine Hundred.

i confirmed the shipment and got the transporter near my place within minutes we got everything loaded and boom soon we were in our new office.

We really liked there concept and service the way they helped us was amazing am really thankful to them.

Mayank Sharma