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ShiftInd Vyapar,

We do business & we do it with a difference!

What Is It All About?

ShiftInd Vyapar is a ShiftInd Initiative through which anybody can add a shipping vehicle to ShiftInd and can make good profit without doing anything.

It’s easy to make money helping people get rid of there loads. How much is completely up to you. With so many shipments in every city, there’s opportunity at every turn.

Know More

You can either submit an old or buy a new truck at ShiftInd just by giving the down payment and within two months your set of wheels will be on road making money for you, ShiftInd will only charge 10% of the total income/month the rest is completely yours.

Wanna know more! Ya'

Right know we only accept 4 types of Shipping Vehicles from our Shipping Partners.

You can choose what's good for you and can hire a driver who can drive the Truck on your behalf or else you can ask us for a good driver.

See How It Works!


You can choose a Vehicle and give us the down payment of it. We will do all the hard work assign a driver with your truck and make it hit the road within two months.


You can buy a Vehicle of your choice yourself assign your own driver and then submit it to us.

Want to be a shipping partner?

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